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Hope Education Center

Equipping boys and girls for nation-building activities by providing value-based knowledge


The Hope Education Centre was initiated in August 2003 with 6 students and 2 teachers. It was initiated as the education project of the Hope Home Calcutta to provide the children under its care (orphans, children from slums and dysfunctional families) quality and wholesome education and a knowledge-base to make them self-reliant and to equip them for nation-building activities as responsible citizens of India. The first batch used a tin-roofed shed, plastic chairs and a plastic table.

We acknowledge that quality, basic education is every child’s fundamental right and that children are born into the world eager to learn. Yet, all too often, thousands of children in our city do not have access to education for varied reasons.

We have committed ourselves to work to make basic education available to as many children as possible at an affordable cost. The Hope Education Centre supports the Global Campaign for Education (G.C.E) which holds that in an increasingly knowledge-based economy, exclusion from education will translate into growing poverty, inequality and deprivation.

The Hope Education Centre is a not-for-profit centre of learning and knowledge providing value-based education. We strive to develop it as a model educational and knowledge-imparting Institution. It seeks to facilitate learning at every child’s pace and aptitude of acquiring knowledge using modern tools of learning.

The objective of Hope Education Centre is character-building and total personality development of each child. Besides emphasising academic growth and excellence, the Hope Education Centre also enhances discipline, social efficacy and etiquettes and a global vision. Ours is an environment where children are loved, encouraged and appreciated.

By God’s grace, the Hope Education Centre has a small but dedicated team of facilitators in the learning process who are qualified, experienced and caring teachers and who maintain high academic standards of education.

We have been making every effort to better our infrastructure by purchasing various equipment for our School namely, fire extinguishers, water purifying system, CCTV and N-computing for our computer lab. Our school is now connected on Wi-Fi having our own router/hotspot. We are also extremely honoured to be associated with several leading schools in Kolkata whose input and guidance has helped us develop our own curriculum and activities.

For extra-curricular activities, we offer proper music classes, library periods and S.U.P.W. classes for all classes. We have already organized our pre-primary, primary and kindergarten classes and made them video-interactive and child-friendly.

The Hope Education Centre has now received long-term lease of the new property from the Hope Home Calcutta Trust and we plan to begin construction from October this year. The ground-breaking ceremony was conducted on December 2, 2017. The new facilities would provide additional class-rooms and also enable us to upgrade our School in the near future. It is our hope and prayers that we would be able to make significant achievement in our academic endeavour.

We solicit your heart-felt cooperation in our effort to continue to provide quality education to your children at an extremely affordable cost. The objective is to equip, educate and empower individuals. We subscribe to the belief that education is a premise that enables boys and girls to break free from the vicious cycle of exploitation, depravation, dependency and poverty.

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