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Your opportunity to participate in transforming the lives of children in Calcutta
The Hope Home Calcutta through visionary thinking helps caring individuals, corporate enterprises and organization who take social responsibility and corporate citizenship seriously, find a way to have their charitable wishes stand the test of time through tangible application.

The Hope Home Calcutta is growing and as such has significant long and short-term needs. Being based in such a non-affluent region requires us to rely on the benevolence of our fellow men and women who are blessed with a little abundance. This is where you can help as an individual, family, group or as an organization.

The Hope Home Calcutta relies on the financial support of friends and colleagues like you. The financial support we receive from individuals and organizations is support we can use where the need is greatest, and we can respond immediately to emerging opportunities. Presently, all support is being used for the Child Development Initiative. We also have needs for the Critical Response Initiative and the now developing Community Empowerment Initiative. Donations for our upcoming building project, Let There Be Hope- Phase 2 should be marked clearly and separately.

The Hope Home Calcutta welcomes all contributions whether they are financial, equipment, or volunteer support. Volunteering is available on a one-time or ongoing basis to help meet the challenges and needs of the marginalized children in the city of Calcutta.

Can I give anonymously?
Yes. You can decide whether you want to be recognized for your giving or to remain anonymous. You can feel secure in knowing that your personal information will never be disclosed.

Can I contribute to the Hope Home Calcutta on behalf of someone else?
Yes. Some donors suggest to their friends and family that they give their donations and contributions to the Hope Home Calcutta in honor of a special event, such as a birthday or anniversary, instead of purchasing a gift.

I would like to give something by way of charity to the Hope Home Calcutta, but I’m not rich. How do I get started?
No gift is ‘too small’ for us at the Hope Home Calcutta. For us, every rupee is important. Anyone can be a philanthropist. It does not require great wealth, just a concern or willingness to help others or a particular cause. It also does not have to be complicated. Just write to us of your desire to help and will guide you through the process. Wherever you may be in the world, there is always a way to give.

Are contributions to the Hope Home Calcutta tax deductible?
Contributions made from India to the Hope Home Calcutta are exempted from income tax under section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961. Send your checks to our location/physical address mentioned in the CONTACT page
Contributions made from the United States to the Hope Home Calcutta are exempted from income tax indirectly when given via the Verde Valley Christian Church


Support from the USA for the Hope Home Calcutta should be sent to/checks made out to:

TEL: 928-634-8166

(Please  designate your gift  for Hope Home Calcutta clearly)

For those partners not living in India or the United States, please write to us for details on how you can benefit from contributions made out to the Hope Home Calcutta.
The Hope Home Calcutta does not use funds for political purposes in any capacity. The Hope Home Calcutta does not use any its funds for the profit or personal gain of its Board of Trustees, its Patrons, or its advisors
The Hope Home Calcutta practices established accounting standards for non-profit organizations and all its accounts are audited on a regular basis by a certified chartered accountant firm.

‘A hundred years from now, it will not matter what kind of car I drove or how large my bank account was. But the world may be a better place because I was important in the life of a child’

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