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What is Hope Home Calcutta?

Hope Home Calcutta is a Christian non-profit, humanitarian, non-government/ civil society organization based in Kolkata (formerly Calcutta), India. In India, donations for the Hope Home Calcutta are exempted from income tax under Sec 80G of the I.T.Act 1961. The Hope Home Calcutta is dedicated to demonstrate God’s love by alleviating human need and suffering in Calcutta and other urban centers in India. Its primary target group is children and disadvantaged adolescents from the slums, squatter colonies and dysfunctional families and seeks to provide them with a home of refuge, moral and ethical teaching, food, clothing and other basic necessities of life and educational and vocational training.

When did Hope Home Calcutta begin?
The work known today as Hope Home Calcutta initially began in early 2000 with 6 street children taken from the Park Street area where the infamous mafia dominates the street children forcing some of these children to commit petty crimes, beg on the streets (giving the proceeds to the mafia), as well as deal in drugs. Volunteers who were partnering with us at that time saw a tremendous need to intervene in the lives of these street children in order to end the cycle of desperation and enslavement. It was at that time that we took in those first several children. In the midst of attending to the needs of the first few children it became apparent to us that this was an important work as we came across more and more children that needed help from all over various areas of Calcutta. The home quickly grew to 8 children and then 10 children with no end in sight. It soon became clear that we needed to incorporate our operations and after 2 years we took steps to become formally recognised as Hope Home Calcutta.

In 2003, Hope Home Calcutta attained a formerly recognized not-for-profit status and initially committed itself to three initiatives: Child Development Initiative, Critical Response Initiative and Community Empowerment Initiative. By providing appropriate education and training, it seeks to inculcate in both children and adults functional skills that would eventually help them to develop into healthy, self-sustaining individuals, families and communities involved in creative nation-building activities.

What kind of impact has the Hope Home Calcutta had on these marginalised children and adults in Calcutta thus far?
Since inception, Hope Home Calcutta has helped more than 200 children from dysfunctional families live full time at its facilities in the southern suburbs of Calcutta providing them with food, clothing, medicines and education – through its school program: the Hope Education Centre School – thus helping them to grow up in an environment of love and security. The life-story of one single mother, suffering from tuberculosis for several years and living on the brink of poverty, whose two children grew up at the Hope Home Calcutta , says it all: ‘at least now I can die in peace!’

The Hope Home Calcutta has also impacted the local community in a great way. It has helped women learn tailoring skills and provided seed money to start their own stitching business(es), has distributed over 1000 blankets to the poor of the community during their Annual Christmas Concerts, catered to over 1000 people during the Christmas Day Community Lunch, reached out to the aged, elderly and interned of the Mary Cooper (Old Age) Home during Christmas, every year for the past 16 years and more recently, involved with the paediatric ward of the cancer hospital just across the street during Christmas week.

How is Hope Home Calcutta funded?
Hope Home Calcutta relies solely on charitable contributions from individuals and associations/organisations. There is no ‘central’ funding agency. If you are not living in India and would like to give a gift, please contact hopehomecal@gmail.com. The Hope Home Calcutta welcomes all donations and gifts – however small or big it may be. In India, donations made for the Hope Home Calcutta are exempted from income tax under Sec 80G of the I.T.Act 1961.

Students and children have played a very important role in the giving process over the years. Students have raised up money by organising a School play and selling tickets, 4th and 5th graders have shared about the Hope Home Calcutta and raised up money from their classmates and peers, children have saved up dimes in 2l Coke pet bottles for an entire year, students have sold paintings and drawings made by the kids at the Hope Home Calcutta and raised up funds for our first building project…there have been several creative efforts of ‘pitching-in’ by students and children across several locations to stand by the children of the Hope Home Calcutta.

How can a corporation/organization donate gifts-in-kind?
Business organisations, growers, food chains, manufacturing and production facilities, distributors as well as any other industry corporates and organisations may donate computers, furniture for the school project; help build our new facilities (Let There Be Hope-Phase 2) by donating construction materials [cement, steel bars, bricks etc.], office equipment, LED bulbs, fans and other items. Books and stationary for the school project is also welcome. Clothing and other utility items for the Child Development Initiative is also accepted. Monthly groceries could be ordered online through www.bigbasket.com or www.grofers.com (deliverable to the Hope Home Calcutta). For the Critical Response Initiative, manufacturing companies or dealers may donate a vehicle or ambulance and medical supplies. For the Community Empowerment Initiative micro-enterprise units and cooperatives could be launched with donations (seed money) of sewing machines, woodwork equipment, three-wheeler auto rickshaws and two -wheeler cycle rickshaws etc.

In India you may please call 91-33-24383193, 9038041083, 7044505305 or e-mail us for more information on how to give a donation. You may also click here to know more about Giving to Hope Home Calcutta.

In what way may I volunteer my time and services?
Please click here to know about Volunteering with us.

How does an organization or mission agency network with Hope Home Calcutta?
If your non-profit organization is interested in working with Hope Home Calcutta just write to us and we would connect you to individuals and corporations at a location nearest to you.

May I link to your site?
Yes. However, while we do encourage you to place a link on your website to www.hopehomecalcutta.org we would request you to kindly intimate us prior to any such linking. We enjoy knowing who is lending support in this way, so please e-mail with your Website. This also helps to increase our web search visibility.

How can I receive additional information about Hope Home Calcutta?
Please do write to us at hopehomecal@gmail.com for any additional information regarding the Hope Home Calcutta. You are also welcome to connect with us for information on Indian culture and cultural sensitiveness, food habits, dress code, social behaviour etc. If you are interested in receiving our monthly email updates ‘Hope Connect’, please do send us a blank mail and we would be glad to add you on our mailing list.

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