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Current Projects

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The HOPE HOME CALCUTTA is initiating its second building project, christened ‘LET THERE BE HOPEPHASE II’ later this year. All the mandatory paper work is now complete. It envisages a facility with three storeys with approximately 2300 square feet on each floor.

The proposed facility would serve the following dual purposes:

  • Provide living facilities for girls and disadvantaged adolescents from slums and dysfunctional families from Calcutta and other urban centres in India
  • Provide additional rooms for our School project-Hope Educational Centre, counselling, vocational training and music programs and Community Empowerment Initiative
    the PROPOSAL and APPEAL…

The HOPE HOME CALCUTTA is prayerfully seeking individuals, families, student and peer groups, corporates, nonprofit and others to make a one-time investment in helping us make the ‘Let There Be Hope-Phase II’ dream a reality. Each square feet of built up area costs INR 1,300 or U.S.$ 25. You could help us build as many square feet as you want to (investing the proportionate amount). All contributions in India and in the U.S. are tax-exempt/tax-deductible. Please prayerfully consider getting involved and making a difference in the lives of countless children and families in Calcutta, India! Yes, YOU can make a difference!



ONE of the main concerns I had when we had purchased the first property for the Hope Home Calcutta way back in 2000 was that of providing pure, clean water, especially potable water for the Hope Home Calcutta community. I had been informed from various sources that more than 60% of people in our state of West Bengal suffer from stomach-related illnesses, mainly due to water contamination. After we moved into the property, we did some research, asked questions, met doctors of the Cancer Hospital across the main street and took suggestions from the West Bengal Voluntary Health Association. We were exposed to the dangers of water contamination, especially arsenic poisoning. So, along with the property, the very first capital investment we made in 2000 was in digging a deep bore-well of over 600 feet to get clean, fresh drinking water (we still run the water through a RV system to make it safer).

Over the years, more research has been conducted by various national and international agencies regarding the extent and danger of arsenic poisoning in ground-water in the vicinity of the Hope Home Calcutta. It has now been reported that arsenic in groundwater above the WHO maximum permissible limit of 0.05 mg l−1 has been found in six districts of West Bengal covering an area of 34 000 km2 with a population of 30 million, including the district of South 24 Parganas in the southern fringes of the city, where we are located. Various social dynamics are at play – including consumption of arsenic-contaminated water for many years- that has aggravated the arsenic toxicity among people who live in this area.

We are therefore preparing to dig a new bore-well of over 650 feet as part of our ‘Let There Be Hope- Phase 2’ so that our new facilities too (and all those who would eventually live there including our girl boarders) would have access to clean drinking water. Tentatively we have christened this project as ‘HOPE SPRINGS’ and the estimated costs is just over USD 3300 (INR 205,000). We would like to invite individuals, groups of individuals, corporate houses, institutions and concerned people to prayerfully consider investing in providing fresh, clean water for the girl-residents and students of the Hope Home Calcutta and those at the Hope Education Centre!

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